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3. level 1. batmansmotorcycle. 5 years ago. Just a heads up if you try and use it for a TNC type set up over a sound card you run into a ground loop issues. Tried using the cable for a tnc app on the iphone and it just keyed up when plugged in. I'm waiting for separate adapters now to use it with a standard sound card mic/sound out setup using ...

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kenwood: tk 2140, tk 3140, tk 3148, tk 5210, tk 5220, tk 5310, tk 5320, tk 5400, tk 5410, nx 200, nx 210, nx 300, nx 410, nx 411. The BlueLink-K2 is compatible with these radios, but the radio must be reprogrammed using the Kenwood cable and software.

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Kenwood radio Accessories; High quality radio accessories for all Kenwood radios. Earpieces, radio headsets, speaker microphones, batteries & more for Kenwood two-way radios.

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Apr 21, 2021· Code Red Signal 21 Speaker Mic for Kenwood/Baofeng Radios. Perfect for public safety and wild land firefighters, the Signal 21 speaker microphone is built to withstand hard use. Manufactured using the highest quality specifications to be water, wind dust and impact resistant. IP54 rated.

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Code Red Headsets TBCH - Kenwood/Baofeng. Omschrijving. Beoordelingen (1) Heavy duty tactical bone conduction headset with noise cancelling boom microphone and bone conduction speakers. Push To Talk Puck and Connector cord can be ordered separately. Has Kevlar reinforced cables to …


(( This toy is made to work in the radio, not mic. It requires 9 to 13 volts to work. ((It will not work going to ground on the button wires, the toy will key if you wire the orange wire to the 8 to 12 volt keying circuit.

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Mar 11, 2013· The Kenwood TK-3301E Handheld (HT) is a PMR446 FM Portable Radio (EU use). PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) is a part of the UHF radio frequency range that is open without licensing for business and personal use in most countries …

Code Red CQB-MOD-K Headset for Kenwood/Baofeng

Apr 13, 2021· Code Red CQB-MOD-K Headset for Kenwood/Baofeng. The CQB Headset is a lightweight behind-the-head microphone with a noise cancelling boom mic. This is a modular headset that fits under most helmets and face masks.

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With over 30 years of experience in the 2-way radio communications industry Code Red Headsets offers the best quality two-way radio accessories on the market including Bluetooth Adapters for Kenwood …

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Feb 10, 2015· The headset: The headset, by Pryme, terminates in a two-prong, Kenwood-compatible, plug which. is compatible with the Baofeng UV-5R. The MIC plug is 3.5mm; the SPKR plug is. 2.5mm. Push-To-Talk (PTT) is activated by connecting a circuit between the sleeve of the. 3.5mm plug and the sleeve of the 2.5mm plug.

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A Headset Adaptor for Kenwood, Baofeng and Wouxun HTs Here is a headset adaptor for some popular HTs Recently, I had the inspiration to build a new headset adaptor. This time, for a Bao-Feng UV-5R hand held radio. These little dual-banders have become quite popular, mainly because they are very inexpensive.


wholesale lot of 5. 1 lot!! - 1 price!! - 1 shipment!! icom 2-way radio uhf mobile transceiver 440 - 490 mhz model ic-f221s. tested to power off/on, change channel etc.